Ale Pak Recipe | Ginger Barfi


Today we’ll make Ginger Barfi

it is a traditional barfi

for winter season

beneficial to you and your family

Let’s get started

To make ginger barfi

take 200 grams of ginger baton

washed and peeled

take the thick baton

cut it into pieces

it doesn’t has threads,
it is very smooth

but small and long baton

comes with threads

and is not good for barfi

so take thick baton with less threads

cut the ginger batons

grind it finely

it is a bit coarse

to smooth it, add 2 tbsp of milk

so smooth ginger paste is ready

heat the pan

add 1 tsp of ghee

let it melt

put the ginger paste in pan

roast the ginger paste till it
starts smelling good

to reduce its spiciness

ginger is ground with milk

it also reduces the spiciness

you can grind with water also

ginger paste is roasted for 3 mins

smells good and
became thick in consistency

add sugar to it

add 1.5 cups of sugar

stir it continuously

and keep the flame low

ginger N sugar paste is little fluidy

and cook it stirring it continuously

it will get thick

and stir it until it gets running consistency

after 5 mins, mixture has become thick

add 1 tsp of cardamom powder

these are 10 ground cardamoms

cook it mixing the ingredients

cardamons will reduce the spiciness

and will be more tasty

after cooking the barfi

freeze it in the tray

so, prepare the tray by greasing

Put the butter paper in tray

apply some ghee on it

and grease it properly

tray is ready

mixture is thick, check it

turn the flame low

to check, put 2-3 drops in a bowl

Let it dry

after it cools down, stick it to your finger

but you need a barfi consistency

so cook little more

mixture is getting thick

check it again

its not dropping off the spetula

take is out in a bowl

and let it cool down

as per the consistency, we can see, it will freeze

it has thicken, and changes the colorto white

take the mixture

and it is not sticking

barfi will set nicely

put the mixture in the tray


with the help of spoon

spread it on the sheet

it is freezed and ready

cut its pieces

it’s bit spicy

cut very small pieces

because we eat small pieces of it

and cut it when its little hot

after cooling it becomes difficult to cut

it is cut, let it set and serve

after 10 mins, barfi is set

it has set nicely

if you want to break it

take 1 piece and breake easily

barfi is made very soft

separate the pieces

Ginger Barfi is ready

or call it ginger candy

tastes delicious

and it once

and have it, whole winter season for 2-3 months

keep it in any air tight containere

and have it when ever you want

very healthy barfi

easy to make

be careful

while you

when you buy ginger, buy without threads

make tasty barfi

do give it a try

have it

and share your experiences with me

also comment below what should I make next for you

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