Dahi Bhalla recipe । Dahi vada banane ki vidhi | Urad dal Dahi Vada


Today’s recipe is non-fried Dahi Bhalla.

They are very soft,

spongy, and

taste, similar to the fried Vada.

So, let’s start preparing.

For making dahi vada,

take 1/2 cup urad dal.

Wash it and

soak it in the water for 2 hours.

Now, we will blend the dal.

Add 1-2 tbsp of water in the dal.

Blend the dal with the masala.

Add 1/2 tsp of salt,

2 finely chopped chillies,

and 1 inch grated ginger.

Blend the dal coarsely.

We have blended the dal.

Neither it is too thin

nor too coarse.


Beat the batter for 4-5 minutes.

We have beaten the dal batter for 5 mins,

the batter has become puffy.

The batter consistency is not pouring.

Do not make it thin.

Heat the Appe maker.

Pour little oil in the maker cavities.

1-2 drops of oil.

Keep the flame medium.

Drop 1 spoon of batter in every cavity.

Cover & let it cook for 3-4 minutes.

Keep the flame medium.

Check the vada.

The Vadas are well-puffed.

From the below,

they have turn brown

so, turn them upside down.

Before that, apply little oil

on all the vadas.

Cover and cook them for another 3 minutes.

Check the pieces

from the other side.

Vada pieces have turned brown from

the other side too.

Likewise, prepare vada from the

remaining batter.

To soak the vada,

take 3 cup water in a container.

slightly boil the water.

Add 1/4 tsp of salt in the water,

we have already added salt in the vada.

Add less than 1/2 pinch of Heeng.

If you don’t like Heeng then don’t add.

The water has boiled.

Drop all the vada in the boiled water.

Drop as much as you want to serve.

keep the remaining Vadas in the fridge.

Soak them whenever you

are going to serve them.

We have cooked all the Vadas.

We have prepared 21 Vadas

from the prepared dough.

1 batch of Vadas takes 6-7 minutes.

Let the vadas soak in the water.

Within 15-20 minutes they will get puffed.

After that, we will serve them.

Turn the vadas in between.

Else you can press them with a lid

so that they can soak well in the water.

While the Vadas are getting soaked,

we will prepare other items to serve them.

Item 1 – sweet chutney,

Check my website to prepare this

chutney at home.

Item 2 – Green Chutney

It is easy to prepare.

Item 3 – Curd,

We will take hung curd.

Black salt,

roasted cumin

and red chilli powder.

Method of making hung curd –

Take a strainer and bowl underneath.

Place thin cotton cloth above the strainer.

Put the whole Dahi in the strainer.

Cover the mouth of the cloth by collecting

the corners.

Keep it in the strainer.

The water will drain out in the bowl

and we will be left with thick curd,

within 1 hour,

in the cloth.

Our hung curd will be ready.

Put the hung curd in a blender,

add 1 tsp of sugar

1/4 or 1/3 cup water,

and blend it.

Curd is ready for Dahi vada.

[After 20 minutes]

Take the vadas out from the water.

Like this, slightly squeeze them

to discard the excess water.

Keep the vadas on a plate.

The vadas are well-puffed

they are looking puffy

and soft.

Break the piece from the middle,

soft and

puffy vada are ready.

Now, serve the vada.

Pour dahi,

sweet chutney ,

and green chutney on vadas.

Sprinkle black salt,

roasted cumin powder,

and red chilli powder.

Dahi vada is ready to be served.

Tasty and

spongy dahi vadas are ready.

Keep certain things in mind.

Beat the dal batter properly

until it becomes puffy.

While cooking, keep the flame medium.

Check the vadas every 3 min.

You will prepare perfect Dahi vadas.

Soak them in warm water for 15-20 mins.

After that, squeeze and serve them.

Add as many vadas as you want to serve.

Keep the remaining ones in the fridge.

2 nd day or 3rd day,

soak them whenever you want to

serve them.

Prepare it and have it.

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