How to Install iOS 14 Beta FREE Without Computer? – Install iPadOS 14 Beta FREE without Dev Account

Okay, first of all, open Settings app on your
iPhone and tap on your Apple ID,

then tap iCloud and scroll down until you find iCloud

Tap on this, and toggle it ON.

Then tap OK to turn on the iCloud backup.

The automatic backup usually happens when
your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and plugged

into the power source.

But you can manually force your iPhone to
back up now by tapping here.

Before I show you how to install iOS 14 beta
profile completely free,

you need to ensure that you have backed-up all your data

so that you don’t miss anything even if you mess up or something goes wrong.

I have already created a detailed step-by-step
post about how to back up your iPhone properly,

so I’m not going to waste your time here.

I’ll link out to that post in the card
above so that you may also watch.


Now that you have backed up your iPhone data,
we are ready to proceed with iOS 14 beta installation.

And I’ll tell you how in this post, so
keep watching.

Hello everyone Rahul here from TechReviewPro
and in this post you’ll learn how to install

iOS 14 beta free without computer.

And if you keep watching this post until
the end, you’ll also come to know from where

you can download iOS 14 beta profile completely
for free.


The next step is to download the iOS 14 beta
profile and save it to your iPhone.

I have got this on my Google Drive and I’ll
share the download link in the last part of

this post, but for now, please note that
visit the download link using Safari browser only.

And that’s very crucial, otherwise you
won’t see the download option.

After downloading, a prompt will appear informing
you that the profile has been downloaded,

and you can review the profile in Settings.

So simply close this and go to Settings.

Here, as you can see, there is a new section
named “Profile Downloaded”.

Tap on that and here you’ll get the install

asking whether you want to install the beta profile.

Simply tap install and the beta profile will
get installed on your iPhone,

and you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Now go to Settings, then General, and here
you need to tap on Software Update.

It’ll check for update, and within a few
seconds, you’ll get the option to download

and install iOS 14 beta on your iPhone.

Simply tap here and it’ll start downloading.

As you can see, it’s pretty large in size,
so it may take several minutes in downloading.

So I’ll fast-forward this and come back


Now iOS 14 beta has been downloaded, and my
phone will restart to install it.

After the phone restarts, you’ll see something
like this.

And iOS 14 beta 1 looks amazing on this iPhone.

It has got many interesting new features and
I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

So, I’ll wrap this post here and as promised
in the earlier part of this post,

you can join our official Facebook group where you
can download the iOS 14 beta profile completely FREE.

The link is in the description below.

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Thanks for watching, I’m Rahul signing off
and I’ll see you in the next one.