How To Make Mango Custard Halwa | Aam ka Halwa kaise banta hai


We are going to prepare Mango Custard Halwa.

Custard Halwa of

Mango flavour.

Preparation only takes 10 minutes.

Your family will love this preparation.

Let’s start preparing.

First, we will mix and grind everything.

Take 1 cup sugar

and grind it.

We’ve ground the sugar.

Take chopped mangoes.

1 cup and

1/2 cup.

All in all, 1.5 cup.

Blend everything.

Mango and sugar mixture is ready.

Now, add 1/2 cup custard powder.

We are using vanilla custard powder.

Blend this with mango mixture.

Our mixture is ready.

Grease a plate with ghee.

Grease the plate properly.

Do this beforehand as

you will not get enough time later.

Start preparing Halwa.

Put the mixture in the pan.

Add 1 cup water.

Mix well.

We haven’t turned on stove yet.

First, we’ll mix this properly.

The mixture is ready.

It is lumps-free.

Now, turn on the stove.

Turn on the stove later to avoid lumps.

We have added custard powder in it,

custard cooks really fast.

There are no lumps.

Stir the mixture contionusly to avoid lumps

While stirring, make sure spatula touches

the bottom of the pan.

As to avoid sticking of custard at the bottom.

Within 3 mins custard starts to cook-well.

The chunks are visible now.

You have to stir it carefully now.

Keep the flame medium.

[After 6 minutes]

The mixture looks thick

as well as shiny.

Now we’ll cook it while adding ghee.

Take 1/4 cup of deshi ghee.

We will add 1 tsp at a time

and cook it while stirring.

Once the mixture completely absorbs the ghee

add another spoon of ghee.

Use a bigger cooking pot

for making halwa.

as you have to stir it quickly.

Otherwise, there will be a chance of wastage.

At last, add the whole ghee.

Halwa has absorbed the whole ghee.

Halwa is almost cooked.

Add 1 tbsp

chopped cashews.

and 1/2 tsp of Elaichi powder.

Elaichi powder gives perfect taste and

aroma to the halwa.

Halwa is ready now.

The prepartion takes only 10 minutes.

Turn off the flame.

Take it out on the greased plate.

Take 1-2 tbsp of melon seeds.

Garnish the halwa with it.

You can use cashews instead.

Add the remaining cashews.

Press the dry fruits with ghee spoon.

So that the dry fruits can stick to halwa.

Leave the halwa to set.

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[After 30 mins]

Cut into pieces.

You can cut it into desire pieces

Scrape the pices out.

Mango custard halwa is ready to be served.

It looks as well as taste delicious.

The preparation does not require much time.

Keep certain things in mind.

Avoid lumps in the mixture while

mixing everything.

We mixed everything in the grinder.

You can mix everything with hands

but it can take some time.

If there are lumps you can use a strainer

to discard them.

While cooking keep in mind to

stir continously.

Once the custard starts becoming thick

Stir it quickly.

Make sure the spatula touches the bottom.

Cook while stirring continuously

until it thickens.

You can use it for 7 days while refrigerating.

Prepare your Mango halwa,

and have it.

and share your experience with me.

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