How to Make Poha at Home


Today we will make Batata Poha.

We will also discuss the issues faced while making Poha.

After this your Poha will become fluffy and moist.

Neither they will be hard

nor will they be sticky.

To make Poha, we will take 2 cups of Poha

There are 3 types of Poha

Type 1= Thick one

they are used to make namkeen by frying them.

Type 2 = Thin one

They are used for making breakfast.

Type 3 = extremly thin,

also known as nylon Poha,

we roast them to make namkeen

Thin Poha are easily available in the market,

with this we will make breakfast

First we will Soak the Poha.

Add water

Pour the water altogether

Pour enough water so that the poha can sink in.

Immediatly pour the water out after washing Poha.

Do not soak the Poha for too long.

Wash the Poha once More.


Pour the water


Pour it out immediatly

Washing 2 times will clean the poha completely

Keep in mind, we have to wash it,

you are not supposed to soak it

If you will soak them in water they will become hard.

Add 1/2 tsp Salt

1 tsp of sugar.

Sugar will enhance the taste of Poha.

The mix taste will be there.

Mix it properly

Sugar and Salt

Add them beforhand

so that they can mix with Poha .

Leave it for 5 mins.

Until the Poha gets set,

chop 1 medium-size potato.

We are done with Potato

Now take, 1 tomato

and separate the seeds and juice from it.

The seeds of the tomato can ruin the taste of Poha.

So, you can separate the seeds like this.

Tomato is also ready

We left the Poha for 10 mins

now they are ready.

stirring them continuously is necessary.

Another thing

After Washing Poha and

Adding Sugar and salt

stir them after 10 mins

So that they won’t stick together.

You can see that Poha looks fluffly.

For making Poha, take 2 tbsp oil

let it heat.

Oil is hot

add potatoes in it

Wait till they become soft

and cook it till they become golden.

Potatoes look golden.

now press them.

now they are soft too

they are ready within 4-5 mins

Fry peanuts.

Pototes were cooked in high flame.

but peanuts will be roasted in low-medium or medium

Peanuts are ready

they have taken 3 mins

Lower the flame before taking them out.

Add 1/2 tsp of kali sarso (black mustard).

After this, add 10-12 curry leaves

Fry them breifly

Now add tomatoes.

1/4 tsp turmeric powder.

Fry them breifly.

If you want to make onion Poha

before adding tomatoes take 1 finely chopped onion and

and fry it briefly and then add tomatoes.

Do not fry tomatoes for too long

we don’t have to make it messy

this is done.

add 2 finely chopped green chilli.

1/4 tsp of salt

We will add salt for tomato and potato.

As for poha, we’ve already added the salt.

Tomato is well cooked now

Now, add poha.

Low flame

Poha looks fluffy and moist

Stir the Poha with light hands.

Add potatoes

Mix it

Do not cook the poha in the pan for too long

While mixing everything, cook poha slightly.

Excessive roasting can harden the poha

Add lemon juice

and 2-3 tsp of Green coriander

Fluffy and moist poha is ready.

Ready to serve

Add crunchy peanuts to Poha

and nylon sev

You can take any type of sev

besan bhujiya or aloo bhujiya

Add little amount or green coriander

and a piece of lemon.

If you want to add onion

You can add finely chopped onion over the poha.

Our fluffy Batata Poha is ready.

How to reheat Poha?

Though we finshed cooking just now,

in case, you’ve prepared them earlier in the morning

and want to eat it in the evening.

In case of microwave,

sprinkle 1-2 tsp of water

cover with a glass plate and microwave it for 1 min.

How to reheat poha on stove?

To steam the poha we’ve boiled the water

Put the Poha in a steel bowl,

place it over the big bowl

cover it with a plate.

Leave it for 3-4 mins

After leaving it for 4 mins

Turn off the stove.

Poha is ready and well heated.

Poha will stay fluffy and soft.

They will not become hard this way.

Directly cooking them in pan

they will become hard.

Poha is ready

Fluffy and tasty

Keep these 3 things in mind

and make fluffy and soft poha at home.

Which 3 things?

Wash Poha properly in water.

Do not soak the Poha in the water.

Do not soak the Poha in the water.

2nd thing

Afte 10 mins,

make sure to stir poha properly

and 3rd thing

Don’t roast Poha for too long.

Prepare taste Batata Poha,

follow the instructions properly for preparing

fluffy, non-sticky,

and soft poha.

Prepare your Poha,

eat it, and enjoy it. And do share your experience with me.

You can also suggest more dishes.

and do subscribe my channel.