How to make Tomato Puree। Homemade Tomato Puree | Tomato Puree Kaise Panaye


Today we will make tomato puree

When tomatoes are available in abundance.

Prepare tomato puree at home and store it.

And use it whenever you want.

Let’s get started!

For making tomato purée

we will take 3 kg tomatoes.

1.5 kg hybrid tomatoes,

it is quite sweet and pulpy.

1.5 kg desi tomatoes,

this type is quite sour.

Combination of both the tomatoes

will be perfect for puree.

First cut the tomatoes.

Discard the green part.

Don’t cut them into too small pieces.

Cut all the tomatoes alike

now cook them in a pot.

Keep the flame low and

let the tomatoes cook.

Do not add water.

Cover the pot with a lid

and stir them after 2-3 minutes.

Tomatoes are well cooked after 45 mins

Add 3 tsp of sugar,

1 tsp of salt,

Sugar + salt = enhanced taste.

Cook it for 2 mins.

leave the purée to cool down.

once cool down

blend them.

It get’s blend easily.

We will repeat the same process.

We will blend and pour the puree

the same way.

We have poured the puree through sieve

You can use the remains of tomatoes

by adding water

and blend it again.

and use the same for sabji (today only)

We have taken out the puree using sieve

we have to thicken the puree.

so we will cook it again.

On high flame,

let the puree boil.

To give purée red shade

add ½ piece of beetroot

Take less than a half piece of medium size

beetroot (Chukandar).

Make a half and put it in the puree.

Let it cook with puree.

purée started boiling

stir it continuously

cook it until it becomes thick.

after purée turns red

take out the pieces of beetroot.

Stir it like this and cook it for few mins.

after it started boiling

cooked the purée for 20 minutes

on high flame while stirring.

purée has become thicker

leave it to cool down.

Puree is not too hot,

Now we can store it.

add 3 tsp of white vinegar

use acetic acid or

benzoic acid instead of vinegar.

Take a well-sterilized jar

and store all the purée in it.

Leave little empty space at the top.

Close the cap tighly.

Tomato puree is ready.

Purée in an open container

can be used for 7 days

while refrigerating it.

purée in a jar

can be store for 3 months but

use it within 7 days once you open the jar.

Replace tomatoes in the sabji with

tomato puree.

While making puree

use healthy and good tomatoes.

Before using wash and dry them properly

do not use aluminium

and iron utensils.

Use Steel or hard anodized utensils.

You will have a prefect tomato puree.

So prepare it and

use it.

And do share your experience with me.

You can also suggest more dishes.

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