How to make Wheat Kheer । Gavhachi kheer recipe | Wheat Payasam


Today we’ll make Wheat Kheer

this is our traditional recipe

tastes delicious

lets get started

take 1/2 cup of wheat

washed and soaked for 30 mins

let all the water strain out from wheat

still some of the water is still left

that we’ll dry with a cloth

wheat is dried

if we take it in hands, it is dried

water is removed completely

now remove its peels

put it into a jar

now grind the mixer for secs- secs at the
lowest speed, then turn it off

as we need to remove the peel from wheat

turn it off quickly

check it once

peels are removing from wheat

jar has peels inside it

repeat this process 5-6 times

to remove peels from all wheat

wheat is cut but all the peels are removed

take out the peeled wheat on a plate

frisk the wheat to remove the peels

peels are removed by themselves

separate them like this

repeat the process again N again till
all the peels are removed

maximum peels are removed

now wash it once or twice

add some water

remaining peels will up in the water,
remove the water

wash it again

now boil the wheat

add 1.5 cups of water

seal the cooker

keep the flame medium

and boil till 1 whistle

after 1 whistle

turn the flame low

and boil them for 10 mins at low flame

boil milk this side

take 1 litre of full cream milk

boil it once

after 1 min

turn off the flame

and let cooker pressure end

milk has boiled

keep the flame low

stir te milk at intervals and let it

cooker pressure has ended

and wheat is boiled

they have become soft

take a pan for further process

add 1 tsp of ghee

melt the ghee

add finely chopped almonds

add them into ghee

stir them continuously to roast them

roasting them increases its flavour

also increases smell

color of almonds have changed

they have roasted

and it took 1.5 mins to roast them

take them out

take 10-12 finely chopped cashews

roast them in same manner

cashews are roasted in 1 min

add 2 tbsp of ghee

melt it

1/4 cup of grated dry coconut

roast it lightly

saute the grated coconut

now add the boiled wheat

roast both of them together

stir the milk at short intervals
keep the flame low

roast the wheat at medium flame for
2-3 mins

coconut is roasted with it

roast it for 2 mins

now add milk to the pan

keep the flame low

cook milk and wheat, till the kheer
thickens in consistency

cook the kheer, stirring it at

remember, spatula must touch till
bottom of the the pan

kheer must not hit the pan

stirring it at

and keep the flame medium

after cooking for 10 mins

its has become thick

add some roasted cashews`

leave some for garnishing

add some almonds

add 1/4 tsp of nutmeg powder

it is grated

adds flavour to the kheer

1/4 tsp of ground cardamom

4 cardamoms are ground

mix all the things

drop some kheer with a scoop

wheat and milk are going together

kheer is ready

wheat kheer is traditionally made with jaggery

but if you don’t like jaggery

you can add sugar to it

we will add both the ingredients

divide the kheer into 2 parts

turn off the flame

take out some kheer in a bowl,
and let it cool down

and add sugar to the kheer in the pan

we took 1/4 cup of sugar

or add as per your flavour

add the sugar and cover it for 2 mins,
it will dissolve

kheer is cooled down for 6-7 mins

temperature has reduced

and this is finely grated jaggery

add jaggery ofter it cools down

if added in hot milk, milk can tear

cover it for 2-3 mins

stir the kheer, jaggery will mix

no jaggery is left

color has also changed

jaggery kheer turns brown

jaggery kheer is also ready

garnish it with some cashews and almonds

sugar added kheer is also ready

mix it

garnish with some cashews and almonds

wheat kheer is ready to be served

we made 2 types of kheer

one is sugar added and other is
jaggery added

you can make as per your

kheer is easy to make, but the
process is lengthy

but its unique and traditional kheer, you
will love it

do give it a try
have it,

share your experiences with me

and comment down below,
what do you want me to make next for you

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